Seaside AppleS For Waves of Juicy Flavour

U-PICK OPENS - Thursday OCT 05

Thursday - Sunday
10AM - 6PM

$1 Per Pound

Welcome to Red Point Apples, the only oceanfront apple orchard on Prince Edward Island, Canada’s Food Island. Earth and sea embrace here, an unlikely entente that produces sweet and juicy fruit like you’ve never tasted.

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The Seaside Orchard

Our Apples Make A Splash

Red Point Apples are hardy and have a good story, like most folks who live and work near the shore. Only the strongest trees and juiciest apples survive here.

Our Apples

& Salty

There’s a wave in every bite. All senses are engaged. You will, at once, experience a comforting familiarity, with a hint of the sea.

You Love

What makes ours better is hard to explain, because ocean and apple are rarely so closely entwined or so perfectly paired. All apples ripen in the overhead summer sun, but ours benefit from the extra sparkle reflected from the Northumberland Strait.

And Good For
You Too

You may want more than one a day. And that’s ok. Each variety has its brilliant backstory from an ever-shifting natural environment. Our orchard is a tightly connected community of trees, and the fruit is their transcript of the conversation between earth and sea.

Dates + Varieties

U-PICK With An extra twist

“U-pick” doesn’t do justice to the experience of visiting Red Point Orchard. Inland orchards open their gates weeks before we do, because the ocean demands patience – and more time to fully ripen. It’s worth the wait.